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April Lee Fields is an author, a soulful songstress and a spoken word artist who effortlessly brings the quietude of the written word to life by submerging her audience in the sacred and ancient art of storytelling.

With travel undoubtedly being a large part of April’s life, an assortment of her poetic pieces personify such personal pilgrimages, openly discussing the lessons that she has learned from her travels. In April’s writing, she uses her own real-life circumstances as an example in which others are able to reflect, relate to and measure themselves against.

Performing live readings from her self-published works, ‘A Version of You’ and ‘Wild Flower,’ April takes her audience on an epic journey across continents; from small-town America to hippy communes deep in the Australian Outback… from the linoleum suburbs of her hometown in the UK to overgrown jungle temples deep in the heart of Asia.

April’s original storytelling performances are set against a melodious instrumental backdrop where in which you will often find her seamlessly drifting into an assortment of soulful cover songs that have been carefully paired with each reading, offering her audience a touch of the familiar as well as the foreign. April’s vivid descriptions of both the exotic and the mundane are effortlessly
entwined with a soulful observation that will completely transport her listener into a world of pure literary and melodic magic.

Performing her craft at many of Australia’s leading festivals, such as Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency and Newkind, April has also traveled across the globe with her poetry and literature. She has performed in and won a number of Spoken Word competitions as well as played in a multitude of venues throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and America. With youth work also being of great importance to her, April has offered motivational talks at Universities across New Zealand, sharing her powerful message of creativity and the importance of following one's dreams.


In 2017, April published her first novel ‘A Version of You.’ The book is a spellbinding 550-page travel memoir that narrates one year of her life on the road. Within these pages, a myriad of topics are shamelessly versed and delicately tackled; such as personal development, discovering one’s own divinity, the kaleidoscopic depths of love and loss, as well as the remembrance of magic in a world where such things are often forgotten.


In 2019, April also self-published a book of poetry entitled ‘Wild Flower.’ This 250-page book of thought-provoking and tantalizing poetry also serves as the sister piece to her novel. Within the same year, April also composed and produced an album entitled ‘WanderLust.’ The album, comprised of a mixture of poetry and literature, is an eclectic mix of varied musical projects that April has embarked upon over the years and then selectively scattered throughout this unique body of work.

In 2019, April also released ‘A Version of You’ as an Audio Book, of which was recorded, produced and narrated entirely by the author herself.


Alongside of the unique literary detail that pounces from her pages, the surreal visualizations that pour out of her cheeky British mouth, and her soulful songs that are sure to reverberate you to the very core, the unique performance of April Lee Fields is unlike anything that has ever been done before.



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