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A Version of  You

‘A Version of You,’ is an introspective adventure that will take the reader upon a journey throughout the course of one year within a young woman’s life on the road. The story is a true tale that speaks with raw, poetic gravity about, not only the endearing beauty of travel but also the unspoken hardships faced when attempting to maintain a sense of personal identity against the world's ever-changing backdrop.


Within ‘A Version of You,’ a myriad of topics are shamelessly versed and delicately tackled; such as personal development, falling in and out of love, re-establishing familial connections, nurturing the quiet calling of creativity, and the powerful remembrance of one’s own personal divinity in a world where magic is so often forgotten.


Amongst these intricate happenings, ‘A Version of You’ is ultimately a uniquely woven story about growth through connections. And amidst a diverse assortment of real-life characters and strange scenarios that have been depicted with great detail and surreal visualizations, this book will allow the reader to glimpse not only great depths into the private life of April Lee Fields, but within its relatable pages, you may also find that you are looking back into… A Version of You.


Wild   flower


Wild Flower is not only a thought-provoking book of tantalizing poetry, but it also serves as the sister-piece to April’s self-published memoir, ‘A Version of You.’

Journey through this mystical world of poetry and experience April’s enthralling stories in a whole new light… the kind of light that just wants the Wild Flower within us all to bloom.



“A Version of You by April Lee Fields is a memoir that beautifully blends travel and adventure and with vivid clarity captures the experiences of a young woman who allows herself to be transformed by the experience of the road and contact with new cultures. It opens with the author ready to move. She is in the UK, and the reader is introduced to her mindset and the maze of things that run through her mind every time she has to start on a new journey. The moment of preparation is crucial. She takes readers with her on an epic journey to Asia with its sacred places, to unique places in the USA and Australia. Readers encounter in April Lee Fields a questing, curious, and inquisitive soul as she travels across continents.
This memoir is rich and while the literal aspect of the story is hugely entertaining, it has deep currents that explore spiritual realities. In A Version of You by April Fields, the author captures her own journey towards self-discovery, her path to personal development. She is excited by the ever-changing landscapes and the realities of cultures she immerses herself in. The author evolves as she faces new challenges, falls in and out of love, and learns to practice the art of letting go. A Version of You is an exciting read that discusses the humanity of the protagonist, her love for travel and adventure, and her personal growth. This is one of those books that will inspire readers to pursue the things they love. It is deftly written.”

 Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

"A Version of You by April Lee Fields is the detailed chronicle of a spiritual young woman as she travels far from her home in England, learns necessary and universal lessons, and meets a colorful cast of new friends. This narrative shows the development of her relationship with her lover, people from her past, and strangers turned into newfound friends. April deals with the ever-looming character of Death and makes her peace with death’s reality. She has a long journey to discover what love is and how it manifests in her life, and she learns the true value of feminine friendship.


Her travels to Asia, Australia, and the United States showcase her development as a young adult trying to find herself.

There are so many positive aspects of this book that it is nearly impossible to choose just one as a favorite. The phrasing and wording April Lee Fields uses in A Version of You are absolutely beautiful. To some the wording may seem a bit dense, but the level of detail and variety of words she uses are absolutely astounding. She captures both visiting and living in completely different cultures in a respectful and meaningful way, and the imagery and metaphors she uses easily reinforce the lessons she learns and imparts to the reader. Each of the relationships that come into her life and eventually fade away touches the heart and allows readers to think about similar people in their own lives. Truly, the book embodies its title, not

only showing April as she goes on her journey... but also a version of yourself.


The many wonderful parts of this story stand out much more prominently than any negative aspect. In fact, I could only list one thing as negative throughout my entire reading of A Version of You. Occasionally, I found the beautifully-written prose to be too dense to read through easily. At those times, the narrative seemed to get bogged down in explaining each small detail Fields came across; however, this is a minor problem.

I rate A Version of You 4 out of 4 stars. I derived messages of overwhelming beauty and harmony from this book. Each word is purposefully chosen and serves to further draw the reader into the narrative. While sometimes the level of detail may seem heavy, there is joy in reading about the smallest things. In addition, there are very few errors throughout this book, and none of them break the flow of the narrative. I base my rating on all of these aspects of A Version of You.


This book is an excellent read. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading true accounts of people’s lives, detailed accounts of someone’s changing emotions and relationships, or logs of people’s travels. I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

Online Book Club

“April takes strands of the ordinary in her nimble, adorned fingers and spins them into pure magic in the form of her words... Reading, listening, watching April in performance is like eating your favourite meal, curling up by a fire, like kissing a stranger... do yourself a favour and indulge in the ethereal, animated, wonderful world of April.”

Rosana Rosli (Editor)

“From page one, every word and every turn of the page had me in its spell. April poured so much heart and soul through her stories and brought the book itself to life. I couldn't put it down and when I finished, I wanted to turn back time and read it through new eyes all over again. Captivating. Just like the writer, herself.”



“If I only had one word to describe ‘A Version of You’ it would be this: Real. I have never before read a book that has so vividly drawn me into an author's mind, into an experience. April brilliantly draws the reader into her world in such an incredible way which makes you feel what she has felt, loved what she has loved, grieved what she has grieved, rejoiced in what she has rejoiced. April has a truly unique way of communicating her experience so completely. I cannot recommend this read enough to any traveller, thinker, lover and human.”



“Easily one of the best books I have ever read. A Version of You grabs you from the very first sentence and takes you on an incredible journey. The prose have a richness and depth that are rarely seen. A definite must add to your bookshelf.”

Amazon Customer


“April takes you on a journey of the soul with her stories and descriptions worthy of the finest poetry; leaving you craving the next words, laughs, cries, and bends in the realities of life. Whether you read her words yourself or listen to her beautifully accented, almost melancholy, voice tell its story, you won’t be disappointed. (Unless your disappointments are from the longing for such an interesting life of your own.) When you are finished with your own Version of You, don’t forget to stop and take in her book of poetry, Wildflower.”

Mary Nichole Wilkinson


“This book is a colourful rendition to April's world experience, each occurrence is described with the most extensive verbiage I have ever encountered! I found reading this book to be akin to a vacation in paradise, all within the comfort of my home. I felt moved by exciting and dramatic episodes of her life's journey. Her words shed light on a better way to perceive ourselves!

Are you prepared to embark to a world much forgotten in our modern times? A world of beauty and spirituality that our civilization was born from? Seek the depth of her words. Depart into dreams of love lit paths. Enlighten to the truth of intermingling souls of by gone days. Travel through this linguistic movement and see the journey of life that is April.. 👌👌👌”



“Ms. Fields takes us on an epic journey across continents, from the linoleum suburbs of the UK to jungle temples in Asia; from small-town America to hippy communes in the Australian Outback. Her vivid descriptions of locals both exotic and mundane are intertwined with a soulful observation that makes the reader believe in magic and spirits, and it is April Lee Fields' spirit that sells this book.

As a child of mixed cultures and mixed continents, April's spirit is one of conflict and introspection, but also of music, poetry, and - most importantly - adventure! Follow April through her journey of self-discovery as she learns how to love deeply, how to live fully in the moment, and - most importantly - how to let go. The book is filled with zany characters that are even more incredible because they are real people and I couldn't help to feel that each one of them had become dear friends of my own. "A Version of You" is a powerful story about April Lee Fields' journey of self-realization, but by the end, I realized that I had also grown into a more realized version of myself.”

Benjamin M.


“Typically, I devour books. Typically, I read a book from start to finish. I don’t skip ahead. I don’t read chapters out of context. Perhaps I felt I had permission to do that with this particular book due to how it was presented to me? Maybe because I had the pleasure of hearing the author read excerpts it gave me permission to do the same? At any rate, all that I can say is that I’m still finishing this book a year later. That’s not because it’s hard to get’s because it’s *that* good. I sometimes find myself reading and rereading the same passages (or even sentences) because they are so rich, and I want to absorb every damn thing. The whole book seems to tell a cohesive story, but you can also pick each chapter to read and they stand alone well. Ms Fields has done a brilliant job at somehow combining an almost autobiography/travel journal mashed up with pure poetry. I’m not sure one could really call themselves a ‘book lover’ unless this gem rested in their bookcase. Go get yours. You’ll be so happy you did.”



“April has managed to take the reader along on the journey around the world and back with her in this beautiful work of prose. I feel as if I know her just from reading about her travels and absorbing the emotions smeared all over every single page of this work.”

J Camp


“I enjoyed hearing Ms. Fields read from her wonderful book of journeys through life. Reading about her adventures, I find myself identifying with the many emotions presented in her passages.”



“Go on a journey with this amazing lady! Journey through continents, trials and tribulations of travel, interesting characters and beautiful memories. Well worth a read to inspire the inner gypsy and awaken the spirit. Thank you for your amazing book!”



“Every page, paragraph, sentence is divinely written and dangerously addictive. Taking you on a wave of literature, to the sound of a beautiful melody of words and adventure from start to finish. April has a way with words, which tangle themselves within you. You are gonna laugh… a lot. But you are also gonna cry. You are gonna feel many emotions, and be magnetized by the power of her words and stories.

A Version of You is much more than a journey, this is an experience that can change your own vision, push your boundaries and tease with the possibility of what you could accomplish within this life... as A Version of You. This book is just a small chapter out of the wonderful giving life that April Lee Fields lives, through receiving the karma of her caring, intelligent and creative soul.” Hélène Zck


“When you meet a talent you know it!!! Keep expanding beyond words eternal soul. Your sounds are coming from somewhere to be part of the eternity!” Falco El Croata


“Aprils writing takes the reader on her journey and like most free spirits, will make you question wanderlust & being free in a positive way. It's raw, emotional, playful and cheerful. A Version of You is hard to put down and you won't regret reading it. Her book literally fell into my lap, I'm so glad it did...keep up the great work!”

Miki Stepanovic

"A book so full of soul. I was taken on a journey of lovers, poetry, and self discovery. A read that can be dipped in and out of as you never forget where you are. Loved it!"

Fran Rich


“Today I finished one of the greatest tales I've even been so blessed to have ran my reading eyes through! There's not one moment of downtime in such a captivating story that literally keeps your heart seeking for more. Since the day I was delivered "A Version of You" from the hands of my Asian motorbike mailman, I found myself uncontrollably compelled to dashing off into this unknown race for the end. I say unknown because I truly had NO IDEA just how tangled up my entire being would become into reading this book and just how much it would take over a big chunk of my life within a weeks time. I would stay up till late hours with only my son or man to pry me from the trance to attend mommy or lover duties. I would wake up from dreams that comprised of my own envisions living out tales in which I read upon just hours prior, and then guiltily fall right back into the realm as I would postpone my own projects just to read "only 50 more pages" soon after the rise of sun. It was quite comical just how much I could not stop reading this freaking thing!!! It was THAT GOOD!

April took me as a reader through a journey of your then present, back to memory lane, leaving some moments of curiousity but connecting the dots later as the pages turned. You taught many lessons, including that of culture history never talked about and internally fought to find beauty out of every situation for us readers to learn from.


Did you realize you were such a great teacher to a mass audience April? I just wanted more, more and more and it truly saddened me to realize when I only held a few more pages in my hand to reach the end. However, my hand-made (by my loving son) faithful bookmark and I ultimately did not feel saddened when I closed the book with affirmation of the story to be officially over, because the roller coaster tale touched me in so many ways as I felt as though I was also reading an imagined version of me. Although our paths led to many other ventures that could only argue but to be at opposite ends of life's spectrum, there's no doubt in my mind that I seen myself in virtually every single pivotal point you mentioned that eradicated a shown "version of you." What made me laugh multiple times was the perception you had amongst yourselves at times in doubt, because since the day I met you in middle school (your first day in American schooling), I seen each and every version of you in that girl. I knew the shy but yet wild, dancing poetic songstress who would even inspire my very own writings as we shared constant "notes" throughout our juvenile years as friends as well as poems we encouraged each other to write. Going from that, to now reading your creation of this, is not was your destined plan up in that cosmic world and anyone who knew you, knew this even if it took you years to discover it. Those years were necessary, you needed this story not only for yourself, but for your gift of purpose to others. This book answered a lot of curious questions I had when we had lost our sisterhood for some years and I did not know where you were, who you were, or what you were doing. But all along, it was as though you were in your own unique way, going through similar transgresses as I, with many similar thoughts about love, life, sisterhood, family, womanhood, true freedom, spirituality, riches vs wealth, and purpose of self. The true story within the bind and the amazingly talentedly written artistry within the way you tell it, is by far one that can move a doubtful and spiritually-stagnated nation within any 'human' that’s just 'being.' I encourage every living soul to support and purchase such art of storytelling by someone I will always have a securely-stored, sacred place of love for. My friend, my sistar, April Lee Fields.”

Daniela Gibbs

"The art of storytelling has a new Princess.

April Lee Fields has spent much of her life traveling the world. It is from these travels and all of the life experiences that have sprung forth from them, that April has drawn on as the basis of her book, A Version of You. It is autobiographical, yet it reads like a captivating novel. 

April’s spoken word performance was in support of her first book. It was a refreshingly open, relaxed atmosphere. The lights were turned down, candles were lit throughout the room as April began to delve into the ancient art of storytelling.

In addition to her readings, April also performed a few songs that related to the readings in some way. A rendition of "Roxanne," the longstanding hit by The Police, was a showcase for the beauty and ability that April possesses as a vocalist.

Her soft, English lilt combined with the tranquil, trance-like flow of guitar, was an exercise in aural and spiritual transcendence. To attend one of April’s performances is to enter into a fully conscious dream state. 

The crowd was polite, warm and responsive. Everyone seemed to be in tune and appreciative of what was happening. There were times when it seemed as if the room was as an ocean - individuals ebbing and flowing in unison to form a much greater whole. Each understanding the role and importance of the collective to move, breathe and to be in an unspoken agreement with the moment.

April working her craft is like enjoying a perfectly ripe tangerine. It is so easy to peel back her outer layer, for she easily opens up her soul. She draws you in with the pure nectar of honesty that is foundational to who she is. 

The fruit of her heart is both sweet and tangy, allowing you to savor the childlike innocence of her love for others as well as the tartness of life amongst the unsavory and those hardened by the strife of living. 

The ancient art of storytelling has a new, beautiful young princess. She held court with her soulful squire by her side. 
This night, the ancient rose the christen the present. Those who were there were glad they were. Those who were not will yet have one more chance to experience April before she is gone again, to wherever the wind may blow."

Written by Jim Ervin, correspndent for Highlands News-Sun

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